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HTTPS Security

  • HTTPS protocol support
  • Forced HTTPS
  • State-of-the-art cryptography
  • Strong SSL/TLS protocol

Web cyber-attack protection

  • XSS attack protection
  • SQLi attack protection
  • DoS attack protection

Software vulnerabilities

  • CVE vulnerabilities
  • CWE vulnerabilities

Security analysis details

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Identified software vulnerabilities
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What are we looking for?

Our real-time vulnerability detection service aims to show you the attack surface and to identify the application security vulnerabilities of your website. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by various threats to carry out malicious acts and impact the activities of the company.

HTTPS Security

HTTPS protocol misconfiguration leave your site vulnerable to several known cyber-attacks.

Web cyber-attack protection

A web application firewall is an indispensable protection measure today to protect your site against denial of service and web cyber-attacks.

Software vulnerabilities

Unpatched software security vulnerabilities leave your site vulnerable to many web cyber-attacks.

Internet cyber risks in one picture

Your website is exposed to the following potential risks

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