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Protect your business against hackers & fraudsters
  • All-in-one cybersecurity solution

    Innovative cloud-based solution to protect your site, data and transactions against all eCommerce cyber threats: hackers, fraudsters, botnets, malwares and scanners.

  • Instant & always-on protection

    Get protected in minutes. Nothing to install, configure or modify on your site. We manage the cybersecurity lifecycle process for you 24/7.

  • Detect & block web cyber attacks

    Full protection against all web cyber attacks (DDoS, SQL injection, XSS, RFI/LFI, Directory Traversal…) targeting your site, data and transactions.

  • HTTPS Security

    Ensure the identity of your site and establish secure communications with your customers. We manage SSL/TLS certificate lifecycle.

  • Vulnerabilities & malwares detection

    Adaptive security level based on regular site software vulnerabilities detection and protection against malware infection.

Preserve your reputation, customers & revenue stream

  • SaaS solution designed for eCommerce

    SaaS solution 100% compatible with all types of eCommerce platforms available on the market. OZON is designed to work seamlessly within eCommerce ecosystem.

  • Real-time dashboard

    Make visible insecurity. Visualize malicious traffic coming from cyber criminals trying to compromise your business.

  • Threat intelligence

    Ongoing cybercrime data gathering and analysis. Data coming from various underground sources and InfoSec providers.

  • Virtual patching

    Automatic reduction of the attack surface of your site despite the presence of unpatched software vulnerabilities.

  • No technical requirements

    Nothing to install, configure or modify on your site. No technical skills required.

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Next Gen Fraud Prevention

Real-time transaction risk scoring

Today, checking payment data is no more enough to fight eCommerce fraud. We use big data analytics and machine learning technologies to compute a transaction risk score from more than 100 suspicious signals, including digital footprints, user web behavioral and geolocation.

Identity theft detection

Online user account credentials (i.e.: login/password) are sensitive data often targeted by hackers. With this data in their hands, fraudsters compromise legitimate user account to perpetrate different types of fraud. For every account login, we detect user behavioral anomalies and issue a risk score to optimize your controls without disturbing legitimate customers.


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