SME from 10 to 19 coworkers

€ 14 / coworker (1) / month 3 million requests / month (2) Subscribe


SME from 20 to 49 coworkers

€ 12 / coworker (1) / month 5 million requests / month (2) Subscribe


SME with 50 to 250 coworkers

10 € / coworker (1) / month 10 million requests / month (2) Subscribe
Features included
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Protection against all web cyber attacks
  • Protection against malware
  • Protection against denial of service cyber attacks
  • HTTPS security
  • Virtual patching
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Protection against phishing & spear phishing cyber attacks
  • Real time dashboard
  • 24/7 security monitoring
Supplements related to your use
  • + € 5 per million additional requests / month
  • € 1.50 for 1 workstation or 1 additional email address / month

(1)1 coworker = 1 workstation + 1 email address

(2)your website traffic expressed as a volume of HTTP requests

What are the cyber risks covered by the OZON solution?

OZON solution protects your business against all cyber threats: hackers, fraudsters, badbots and malware. In real time, our dynamic protection system detects and blocks cyber attacks targeting your website, email and workstations.

What does it take to benefit from the OZON solution?

When you create your OZON account, you will receive an email containing instructions for directing your web and email traffics to our platform, and deploying a software agent on each workstation. This operation only takes a few minutes.

Vulnerability detection
Protection against malware
Protection against all web cyber attacks
Protection of Windows & MacOS workstations
Email protection
HTTPS security

Frequently asked questions

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Is my business a target for cyber criminals?

Yes. Whatever the size and sector of activity, SME is an easy prey for cyber criminals since the lack of protection against sophisticated and automated cyber-attacks.

What is the impact of the implementation of the OZON solution?

OZON solution works seamlessly across any IT infrastructure managed by an operator, hoster, or cloud provider.

What is the minimum commitment period and how can I cancel my contract?

No minimum commitment period. You are free to close your account, at no charge, at any time from your account.

How am I informed about the effectiveness of the OZON solution?

From your OZON account, a dashboard informs you in real time about all the suspicious and malicious activities targeting your company. Every month, a complete statistical report is sent by email.

What are the quality of service & security levels of the OZON platform?

OZON cloud platform has been designed according to the rules of the art to offer the highest level of quality and security based on industry standards (ISO2700x, Cloud Security Alliance ...). The best European heuristics, big data and artificial intelligence technologies are used to offer a level of protection reserved until now for large companies. The OZON cloud platform benefits from a 24/7 incident detection and response service.

What are the confidential data stored on the OZON platform?

No confidential data, including identifiers / passwords or transaction content, are stored on our cloud platform. Only technical data is kept to improve effectiveness of security controls.