Frequently asked questions

Is my eCommerce site a target for cyber-attacks and sophisticated fraud?

Yes. eCommerce sites, regardless of their size and domain, are the No. 1 target of hackers and fraudsters. In fact, your website has probably already been attacked. You probably know nothing about the attacks because the sophisticated cyber-attacks and fraud of today are stealthy and leave no trace. They will be attacking you again tomorrow. Malicious organizations and individuals are constantly looking for new ways to attack you.

What are the risks covered by the OZON solution ?

The OZON SaaS solution offers full coverage of digital eCommerce risks and offers the following features : detection of vulnerabilities and malwares, protection against cyber-attacks and fraudulent transactions identification. All these functions are performed in real time.

How does the OZON solution work ?

The OZON cloud platform filters data flows and evaluates business transactions in real time, with no impact on the customer experience or on your eCommerce site. OZON platform is also friendly to SEO and does not prevent various Internet crawlers from indexing your website.

What has to be done to use the OZON solution ?

The implementation of the OZON SaaS solution requires no changes to your eCommerce site or integration of additional software or hardware components. Just create an account on our portal, follow our configuration instructions and the OZON solution will be enabled in a matter of minutes without any site downtime.

Will OZON solution affect my eCommerce site performance ?

The OZON solution has no impact at all on the performance of your eCommerce site thanks to OZON cloud platform’s built-in cache and compression functions.

How is the risk level of each transaction evaluated ?

Before payment and for each business transaction, several specific parameters are sent to the automatic fraud detection service built into OZON cloud platform. Business transaction is evaluated in real time and a risk score is sent to you so that you can make an appropriate decision.

What is the minimum contract period and how do I cancel ?

There is no minimum contract period. You are free to terminate your account, without charge, at any time.

What kind of SLA & security level can I expect ?

The OZON’s cloud platform is designed with state-of-the-art and innovative technologies to guarantee the highest level of quality of service (SLA 99.9%) and the highest level of security (IS027001 certification pending).

What confidential data are stored on the OZON platform ?

No confidential data like IDs/passwords or transactions content are stored on our platform. Only technical data is retained in order to improve the effectiveness of controls.

I already use a payment fraud detection service, what added value does OZON offer in the area of eCommerce fraud ?

OZON solution is complementary and compatible with any payment verification service. To detect sophisticated fraud attempts, especially with valid personal identity and credit card numbers, the OZON solution automatically checks device identity and geolocation, postal and email addresses and detects abnormal behaviour.