A unique combination of innovative cybersecurity technologies,
automated processes & human expertise

Anti-virus and anti-spam are no longer adapted against new cyber threats

The best heuristic, big data and artificial intelligence technologies
to protect your business against all cyber threats.

Web Security

Website traffic is analyzed in real time to insure a protection against cyber-attacks such as injection, denial of service, robots propagating malicious programs or stealing data.

Protection against all web cyber attacks

Full protection against all web cyber-attacks (DoS, DDoS, SQL injection, XSS, RFI/LFI, Directory Traversal…) targeting your website, data and transactions.

Vulnerability detection

Automatic and periodic security flaws detection of the protected website in order to generate the appropriate protection rules.

HTTPS security

SSL/TLS software stack secure configuration and SSL/TLS certificate lifecycle management with automatic renewal following cryptographic state of the art.

Email Security

Before being delivered in coworker mailbox, each email is analyzed in real time to insure a protection against attacks such as malware, phishing and spear phishing. For maximum efficiency, several complementary security technologies (heuristics, artificial intelligence and predictive) analyze email origin, content and context.

Protocol analysis

To detect and block malicious emails, the first technique is to perform a protocol analysis. This first scan can quickly eliminate a large number of threats, including massive attacks.

Heuristic analysis

The heuristic analysis of the entire content of the email (header, URL and attachment) can detect and block more sophisticated attacks like malware and phishing.

Predictive analysis

Unique predictive technology can analyze the context of email as a whole. Regardless of language, this innovative technology can identify behavioral anomalies and block new cyber-attacks in real time.

Endpoint Security

Each Windows or MacOS workstation is protected against all types of malicious programs (virus, trojan, ransomware, crypto-miner, …). A software agent is deployed on each desktop/laptop to perform a heuristic and behavioral analysis of all processes. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies makes it possible to detect sophisticated malware.

Protection against malware

Detection and blocking of sophisticated malware without relying on a signature database.

Protection against ransomware

Avoid data encryption by a ransom program.

Protection against malicious sites

Navigate the Internet safely. Access to a malicious site is automatically blocked.

To bring confidence and meet regulatory requirements, OZON solution use only European cyber security technologies.

OZON solution works seamlessly across any IT infrastructure managed by a telco, hoster or cloud provider.

Vulnerability detection

Protection against malware

Protection against all web cyber attacks

Protection of Windows & MacOS workstations

Email protection

HTTPS security