1st all-in-one protection solution against all Internet cyber threats

Protect your business in minutes. Effortlessly.

Grow your business with peace in mind, OZON ensures your cyber security!

Protect your business against hackers, fraudsters and malicious bots

All-in-one cybersecurity solution

Innovative SaaS solution which integrate several complementary cyber security technologies working in synergy within a cloud platform.

Turnkey solution

Activate your protection in minutes. Online subscription, no technical skills required, nothing to install or configure.

Active protection against all web cyber-attacks

Full protection against all web cyber-attacks (Dos, DDoS, SQL injection, XSS, RFI/LFI, Directory Traversal…) targeting your website, data and transactions.

HTTPS security

Ensure the identity of your site and establish secure communications with your customers. Secure SSL / TLS configuration and SSL/TLS certificate lifecycle management.

Protection against malware

Whatever is the vector of attack (website, email, flash drive,…) your company is protected from any compromise by a malware (ransomware, crypto-miner,…)

Preserve your reputation, customers & turnover

Multi-vector protection

Protection of your company activities against all the cyber attack targeting and spreading via your website, emails and Windows/MacOS endpoints.

Real time dashboard

All the statistics concerning the suspicious and malicious activities are included within a unique dashboard. A monthly statistical report is sent by email

Dynamic protection system

Continuous collection and analysis of data relative to cyber crime activities evolution. Protection system adapts itself permanently to the new cyber threats.

Virtual patching

Security rules are implemented automatically so that the software vulnerabilities of your website are not exploited during a cyber attack.

Zero friction for employees

Transparent protection system that does not impact IT performance or employee productivity.

Provide your business the cybersecurity it deserves !

OZON SaaS solution offers comprehensive protection against all cyber threats (hackers, fraudsters, malicious bots, scanners and malware) targeting your website, emails and workstations