Protect your business against cyber threats with CyberProtection 360°

Protect your organization’s desktops, servers, website, business email and data from advanced cyber threats with our all-in-one solution.

CyberProtection 360°

A unique solution, designed for SMEs and communities.


CyberProtection 360° protects your employees from threats such as spam, phishing, spear phishing (also known as president fraud), malware and ransomware.
Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, our detection filter blocks threats before they reach your employees’ email boxes.

Workstations & Servers

Workstations and servers are prime entry points for hackers. Every day, your employees are the target of malware and ransomware.
CyberProtection 360° analyzes, detects and destroys all types of threats. Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux systems.


CyberProtection 360° filters all web traffic from your website and blocks malicious requests to let only legitimate traffic through.
Compatible with all types of web servers, frameworks and CMS.

Protect your organization in minutes

Simplified activation

Activate CyberProtection 360° in 5 minutes
through 4 steps

Create an account

Enter your organization’s information in a few minutes from our website: SIREN, number of PCs and payment method.


Add your website from the OZON dashboard. Then, follow the DNS modification instructions contained in the email you received.


Add your email domain from the OZON dashboard. Then follow the MX change instructions in the email you receive.

PC & Servers

After receiving the installation instructions by email, download and install the security agent on your PC or server.

    An all-in-one solution

    One price per user per month to protect your entire organization against
    cyber threats.

    10 €  /month

    By user

    A single, all-inclusive rate at no extra cost.

    • Email protection
    • Workstation protection
    • Server protection
    • Protection of the website
    • Detection of vulnerabilities
    • Security patch management
    • HTTPS security management
    • Unified dashboard


    Read testimonials from customers using CyberProtection 360°.

    Full visualization

    A dashboard to identify cyberattacks and cyberthreats targeting your organization.

    Find essential statistics and metrics allowing you to manage your cyber risk: identification of threats, list of vulnerabilities to fix, targeted users.

    A trusted sovereign solution

    An all-in-one French & European solution.

    Our SaaS platform integrates technologies developed by OZON and its European partners. Hosted in datacenters located in France and Europe, data protection is guaranteed on a technical and legal level.




    Become a partner

    CyberProtection 360°, a solution
    designed for small and medium-sized businesses.


    Email protection against malware, phishing and spear phishing attacks.

    PC & servers

    Protection of workstations and servers against malware and ransomware.


    Protection of any type of website or web interface against data theft, intrusion, spoofing and fraud.

    Internet attack surface

    Permanent monitoring of the Internet attack surface: detection of flaws, vulnerabilities, protection defects and data leaks.

    Payment on consumption

    Controlled billing: you only pay for the resources protected as your IT environment evolves.

    100% SAAS

    Online subscription and activation of the solution in a few minutes.

    « Trusted By Design »

    A French solution based on the concept of sovereignty.

    Cyber assistance & consulting

    A team of cybersecurity experts at your side.

    Test the solution

    Test the solution for free for 30 days.

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