by | 11 Aug 2015

Tools to eradicate WordPress updates

Have you ever wished you could be notified whenever there’s a WordPress update available or there’s a plugin on your WordPress powered website that’s in need of upgrading? Since WordPress Version 2.5, WordPress automaticly checks if a new update for an installed plugin is available. However, you still have to check your wp-admin to see the notification. Discover in this article how to set up alerts for updates without needing to connect anytime.

Why is it important for you to keep your plugins up to date?

The main reason for keeping your WordPress install up to date is for security concerns. There is three other reasons to keep your plugins and website up to date. You can read it in the article « A new version of WordPress is available, so then? ».

Because of its popularity and because of the high volume of use, there are a lot more hackers trying to find ways to break into WordPress websites than other CMS platforms. Simply because of the number of sites they can take advantage of once a back door is disclosed publicly.

Gaining access to your site via these vulnerabilities allows hackers to inject malicious code into your website that can cause a wide range of issues. As a result, WordPress developers patch the vulnerabilities and release minor versions for users to update to. This in order to ensure the security of their software does not continue to be vulnerable.

How to activate automatic updates for plugins?

Keeping your site up to date isn’t just about updating WordPress itself. There are three aspects of keeping your WordPress installation up to date: WordPress itself, Plugins and Themes.

Today I will not explained in detailed how to update automatically a WordPress installation as it is already in place since WordPress 3.7. However, it is not yet the case for plugins and themes.

One of the biggest WordPress security issues  is based on the fact that many site owners do not update their websites, themes and plugin. For the core of WordPress, the issue was partially resolved with the establishment of automatic updates to minor versions. However, regarding plugins and themes, these are still too often neglected, surviving with their older versions.

eCommerce websites are not regularly updated, the site owners are not notified that updates are available. The best solution would be to inform site owners as soon as updates are available, and this directly in their email inbox. To do this you can use the plugin Mail On Update:


Mail On Update sends email notifications for updates to WordPress, and updates to plugins and themes (the components that would normally notify you on the Updates page of the admin panel).

There is another good plugin that you can use to do the job:


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This plugin is WP Updates Notifier

wp updates notifier



This plugin is ideal if you regularly do not log into your WordPress administration console. However keeping your plugins and websites up to date are not enough to be safe from hackers. To prevent cyberattacks from reaching your online shops, and to discover existing vulnerabilities, please scan for free with OZON Cybersecurity Solution.