by | 15 Jul 2015

7 tips to protect your eCommerce from hackers

It appears you can’t go a day without finding out about hacked websites or hackers taking credit card and other sensitive information from eCommerce platforms. To secure your clients, you have to know how to protect your ebusiness and your touchy client information. That’s why OZON is sharing with you today : 7 tips on how you can keep your site safe from hackers, malwares and frauds.

1# Choose a secure eCommerce platform

According to, 663.000 websites are running on WooCommerce (a WordPress’s plugin), because it is a low-cost and an easy solution to implement. In France, Prestashop is much more prevalent according to its reliability and the user-friendly interface. The WooCommerce and Prestashop’s community is well developped and a huge number of plugings and themes  have been released. However, their popularity made of content managed systems (CMS), the right target for hackers. The development of a new plugin’s function takes place at the detriment of your eCommerce security.




2# Use a secure connection for online checkout

You have to use a strong SSL/TLS authentication for your web and data protection. It can help to increase the customer trust in your website. SSL and TLS certificates are a must to encrypt your data and to ensure your eCommerce transactions. OZON is a cybersecurity solution that is compliant with your existing SSL certificates.

3# Use strong passwords

It is the responsibility of the eCommerce platform to keep the customer sensitive data safe on its backend. It is your role to help customers in this task by asking them a minimum number of characters, symbols and numbers in their passwords. Complex and longer logins will make the life of hackers harder to access your website from the frontend.

4# Set up system alerts for suspicious activity

Set an alert in real-time to notice suspicious and fraud transactions is a must that OZON can help you with. OZON has a real-time risk score calculation that is applied to every business transaction. With new generation technology, combining machine learning and big data, each customer has the benefit of an equivalent anti-fraud team, plus automation, full availability, device geolocation and device identity check.

This technology is able to identify new fraud techniques in real time with a success rate of about 80%. To evaluate each business transaction risk level, a simple call line to the OZON API must be integrated into your eCommerce site. No SDK, library or software to be installed.

5# Layer your security against sophisticated web attacks

One of the best ways to protect your ecommerce business from cybercriminals is to layer your security. To stop the hackers before they can gain access to your sensitive information is a crucial aspect. Above all when you have search queries, contact forms and login boxes that can be exploited by SQL injection or cross-site scripting attacks (XSS).

With OZON, attempted and sophisticated attacks are detected and blocked in real time without impacting your site’s performance or the customer experience.

6# Monitor your site regularly

You certainly are monitoring your website with real-time analitycs tools such as Google Analytics or Xiti. But are you monitoring your web security?

It is like having security cameras on your ecommerce. Our team of experts constantly monitors the emergence of new vulnerabilities and attacks so that the security of our solution can be adjusted immediately. OZON allows you to detect suspicious and fraudulant behaviors.

7# Patch your systems

With OZON, the application attack surface of your site is continually evaluated to automatically generate the associated protection rules. It can patch vulnerabilities on your favorite CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestasop) or plugins (WooCommerce). Do you know that more than 70% of cyber attacks exploit patchable vulnerabilities?