by | 20 Jul 2015

2 tips to easily boost your consumer confidence

Negative brand experiences can quickly impact years of brand building. At an age of digital marketing and big data, even a single breach can damage a consumer trust. Discover in this article how security breaches impact consumer relationship with eCommerce. Without forgetting our two tips to easily boost your consumer confidence.

Trust as a central component of an eCommerce brand-building

According to a Deloitte research on «Building consumer trust», when choosing an online shop, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from companies that they believe to protect their personal information. Furthermore, 59% of consumers indicate that the knowledge of a security breach at a company would negatively affect their buying from that company.

Consumer trust and security

Image from (Deloitte University Press).

These findings suggest that online shops have to establish a name for themselves as trusted guards of consumer data to set itself apart from the competition.

There is a clear connection between consumers’ perceptions of security practices and commercial success. Online retailers have not only to make their customers data safer, but to deserve their trust. It is an imperative to not let your shoppers may feel unsafe and choose to shop elsewhere.

So how can online retailers overcome these security challenges and make their customers confident into their shops?

The cybersecurity challenge for online shops

We have seen there is a deep trust and expectation between the consumer and the online stores. But across the world, recent eCommerce security breaches have called this into doubt as consumer trust has been shaken to its very core.

Besides putting forward the quality service, integrating a cybersecurity solution ensures that you are not exceeding your estimated financial business plan. Security breaches in an eCommerce platform may involve significant cost that could disrupt your return on investment.

For SMBs, the result is generally the definitive closure of their online shops. Unfortunately, 50% of SMBs affected by a malicious acts disappears within 6 months.

2 easy tips to enhance your consumer confidence

Fortunately, we have a solution to avoid security breaches and enhance your consumer confidence with great simplicity.

#1 HTTPS: The HTTPS protocol is one of the keys to your eCommerce success, by encrypting data and by informing on your quality service. That is especially true for SMBs that do have not, therefore, a sufficient reputation to be recognized. It is combination of HTTP and SSL/TLS protocol. Everything you communicate over HTTPS will be sent and received in encrypted form, which adds the element of safety. OZON is delivering a cybersecurity solution with an end-to-end support of SSL/TLS security protocol. More information on https with the article Enhance your consumer confidence with HTTPS:

https consumer confidence

#2 360 Cybersecurity Solution: Imagine a cloud based security platform for eMerchants to prevent cyber-attacks & fraud. with no tech skills required or complex configuration. It is now possible with OZON, a 360 cybersecurity solution which is like having your own watch guard and ninja security team. Once a malicious act is attempted, it will prevent the attack from actually reaching your shop. No need to keep your system secure anymore, OZON magic does it transparently for you. Your business is now safe and you can focus on pleasing your customers and increasing your customer confidence.