by | 13 Aug 2015

The Impacts of an eCommerce Hacked Website

According to the FEVAD (the French Federation of eCommerce and Distance Selling), online store sales reached 57 billion euros in 2014 with a revenue rose by 11% and a number of transactions increased by 15%. While large companies are focused on competitors, SMEs have to deal with an evolving digital world. Discover in this article how cyber-attacks can be dramatic for an eCommerce site, especially SMEs.

The catastrophic impact of a cyber-attack on an eCommerce site

Nowadays, “one in two SMEs affected by a malicious computer disappears within 6 months” (Zataz). No one is immune to cyber-attack and SMEs with an high eCommerce activity are even more exposed. The impact on the business can be catastrophic.

Let’s take the example of La Boutique Officielle, an eCommerce site specializes in selling clothes for over 10 years. This e-Commerce store was a victim of hackers in February, who not only have stolen the entire customer database, but also forced the company to close its platform. In order to have time to address vulnerabilities and assess damages. The hacker group Linker Squad also changed the home page of La Boutique Officielle website to display its logo and added a redirect link to its Twitter account. The financial cost in terms of brand awareness and transactions lost due to the site’s unavailability just kept adding to the death toll of the cyberattack.

A cybersecurity solution designed for eCommerce sites

Many recommendations have been recently developed to remind the good practices in matters of cybersecurity for SMEs. However, the content is often unsuited to SMEs, which lack of financial resources and technical expertise to implement appropriate cybersecurity solutions.

An eCommerce site’s reputation is primarily based on the security of its data and transactions. OZON is a cybersecurity solution that has been designed to take into account the technical and financial constraints of small businesses. With OZON, you have your own team of surveillance and response. OZON detects and prevents attacks before they reach your online shop. You can now focus on growing up your business and your customers’ satisfaction, OZON transparent magic protects your site permanently: