by | 20 Aug 2015

The cybersecurity paradox for eCommerce sites

While e-commerce sites are the main targets of hackers and fraudsters, 95% of them do not have the means to protect themselves against sophisticated attacks and Internet frauds. By beeing a victim of an attack or a fraud, the e-retailer will lose its reputation, its customer base and sales.

What you need to know about cyber-security

The internet brings huge business opportunities and benefits, but it also brings risks. Every day there are cyber-attacks on SME companies like yours, attempting to steal your information and money, or disrupt your business. It is increasingly important to manage these risks to take advantage of the internet while protecting your business.

In recent years, online threats have evolved towards greater sophistication. Traditional security measures do not cover these new risks. Indeed :

  • The SSL/TLS security protocol, one of the key in the confidence of Internet transactions, showed weaknesses that many ecommerce sites have been slow to react,
  • Network firewall, used by many e-commerce site hosting, do not identify and block application-level attacks or malwares,
  • After a commercial transaction, the payment verification, operated by specialized operators, is not a guarantee of protection against today’s sophisticated fraud techniques,
  • Only largest e-commerce sites have a dedicated cybersecurity team ables to fix software security vulnerabilities, which are gateways for hackers and fraudsters.

A dedicated cybersecurity solution to eCommerce sites

Thanks to the Cloud revolution, SMEs now have the mean to get efficient cybersecurity solutions at a marginal cost, offering a comprehensive risk coverage for online retailers. OZON is an all-in-one cybersecurity solution that detects vulnerabilities, frauds and malwares, and prevents your shop from being reached by hackers: