by | 31 Dec 2015

Still looking for consumer confidence?

We live in the age of the security breach, cyber-criminals seem to be getting better and better at stealing confidential data and credit card numbers, while a single breach can damage a consumer trust. Discover in this article how consumer confidence is important for eCommerce sites, and how to gain it without getting ruined.

Consumers unforgiving if personal data leaked

The cost of a data breach can be enormous, as fines, legal fees and other requirements can rapidly escalate into the tens of millions of dollars. But there are other costs which are much difficult to track, such as the impact a breach has upon consumer willingness to continue to do business with a brand.

In the survey « Consumer Confidence in the Security Breach Era », one of the question was: If hackers stole your personal data from a company you shop with, how would that impact your willingness to continue buying from them? And the response is clear, 35% of respondents said they would stop shopping at a company altogether if it lost their personal data, while an additional 23% said they would be “much less likely to shop there.”


It is clear that breaches do drive customers away. And while large firms with deep pockets may be better able than smaller ones to ride out the storm and wait for customers to go back to their eCommerce site.

More spending on security can boost confidence

According to a Deloitte research on «Building consumer trust», when choosing an online shop, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from companies that they believe to protect their personal information. Furthermore, 59% of consumers indicate that the knowledge of a security breach at a company would negatively affect their buying from that company.

Consumer trust and security

There is a clear connection between consumers’ perceptions of security practices and commercial success. Online retailers have not only to make their customers data safer, but to deserve their trust. It is an imperative to protect your eCommerce site with a cybersecurity solution sto not let your shoppers may feel unsafe and choose to shop elsewhere.

How SMB can gain consumer confidence without getting ruined?

The movement to cloud-based security-as-a-service can improve user experience, reduce complexity and enhance security. Today’s cloud-based IT security solutions are perfect for SMBs because they’re easy to install, configure and manage, and provide automatic, real-time protection from most threats without getting ruined.

Imagine a cloud based security platform for eMerchants to prevent cyber-attacks & fraud. with no tech skills required or complex configuration. It is now possible with OZON, a 360 cybersecurity solution which is like having your own watch guard and ninja security team. Once a malicious act is attempted, it will prevent the attack from actually reaching your shop. No need to keep your system secure anymore, OZON magic does it transparently for you. Your business is now safe and you can focus on pleasing your customers and increasing your customer confidence.