by | 1 Dec 2015

Simple security is better security for SMB

When massive organizations like SonyHome Depot, and the Office of Personnel Management are hacked they grab equally massive headlines. Yet, while they rarely grab headlines, small and middle-market companies are particularly susceptible to hacks because they can’t afford to employ a security team, or are uninformed of the risks posed by attackers. Discover in this article how the movement to cloud-based security-as-a-service can be the right solution for SMBs.

Cost of data breaches for SMBs

A lot of business owners rely on the idea of security through obscurity. They are focused on running their business and probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about hackers. These attackers probably aren’t interested in any one particular small business, but small and middle-market businesses are targets because there are so many of them. It’s like a thief in a parking lot looking for one unlocked car. If your organization is unlocked, you’re a likely target.

Cybersecurity concerns aren’t limited to large enterprises. According to a newly released Kaspersky Lab survey, small businesses shell out an average of $38,000 to recover from a single data breach. The amount climbs once indirect expenses and damage to reputation are taken into account.

Kaspersky Lab calculated $8,000 in indirect expenses, which included staffing, training and infrastructure upgrades designed to prevent future breaches. Losses due to brand damage were more difficult to determine. Kaspersky Lab landed on an estimate of $8,653 after factoring in consultancy expenses, lost business opportunities and the cost of PR and marketing campaigns aimed at restoring corporate image.

Most vendors seem to assume that SMBs (or SMEs) have the expertise and full-time staff of a large enterprise to manage IT security. But this one-size-fits-all approach may result in higher costs, lower productivity and more risk for SMBs.

A Cybersecurity solution dedicated to eCommerce SMBs

The good news? The movement to cloud-based security-as-a-service can improve user experience, reduce complexity and enhance security. Today’s cloud-based IT security solutions are perfect for SMBs because they’re easy to install, configure and manage, and should provide automatic, real-time protection from most threats.

How the cloud can simplify security:

Quick deployement: Cloud-based security services are easy and quick to set up. With no server to install, deployment takes just a few minutes through a simple DNS change.

Comprehensive solution: with OZON, it is like having its own security team at your service. The solution is already set up to block sophisticated web attacks (DDoS, XSS, SQL Injections…), malware and online fraud.

Secure communications: End-to-end support of SSL/TLS security protocol. Use of your website’s SSL server certificate or issuance of a state-of-the-art TLS server certificate.

Performance optimization: Objects & application content (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, images) loading acceleration. A CDN with worldwide coverage optimizes the distribution of your site content.

High performance & high availability platform: OZON is a solution based on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platforms operating in resilience.

100% compatible: OZON solution is compatible with all types of eCommerce, CMS and web platforms available on the market.

No more updates: one of the main advantages of SaaS solutions is, whatever the security technology adopted, that  security profiles never become obsolete thanks to the daily automated updates and to the ongoing security service updates.

Reduced costs: no more technical consultants needed, or dedicated security team. You do not need anymore to buy hardware or to subscribe to expensive technical support contracts.

30-day free trial: take advantage of this free trial to test OZON cybersecurity solution, deditacted to protect sites of eCommerce SMBs. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!