by | 27 Jan 2016

No sensitive data, no risks?

We often think that because we had no sensitive information on our website such as credit card data, hackers would have no reason to try to gain access to our website. Of course, the theft of credit card data is a concern for website owners but it is hardly the only reason why someone would hack a website. Discover in this article, why SMB websites are ideal targets, even without hosting critical data.

3 reasons why hackers attack websites

Using your site to distribute malware: Hackers can only hack computers that they have some sort of access to. That means if they want to put a malware on your computer they need to have a way of accessing your computer. Since they likely can not get you to come to “” to distribute a virus onto your computer, they need to get you while you are on an otherwise reputable website where you would not suspect that you would get hacked. So, these hackers will put their viruses, malware, etc. onto someone else’s website. The website’s visitors will unknowingly download the hackers viruses through some disguised links or other method. This allows the hackers to remain anonymous (the virus is on your server not theirs), and target large numbers of unsuspecting people.

Using your site for other attacks: Often times hackers want to target a specific website to conduct a “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDoS) attack. This basically sends so much traffic to a website that the server gets overloaded and it crashes. Financial institutions and government websites often times are the target of these attacks. In order to remain anonymous, the hackers use other websites to create a network that allow them to attack these specific websites.

Just for fame or to make a statement:
 Fame isn’t something most would associate with criminal activity, but it’s not the type of notoriety most people are accustomed to. Often times, if your website is defaced, the hackers were doing it to gain recognition in the world of cyber criminals. Occassionally, hackers have contests to see who can “hack” the most websites during a 24 hour period. There is typically a website the hackers can check to see where they rank.


Effective cybersecurity solution for SMBs

As we just have seen there are many reasons to hack a website, even if you have no sensitive data on it. And there are also plenty of other reasons to hack a website, like to rent access to your website to other hackers who send spam, or to use it for phishing and many, many more…  Many reasons to have an effective cybersecurity solution against these common attacks.

Thanks to the Cloud revolution, SMBs now have the mean to get efficient cybersecurity solutions at a marginal cost, offering a comprehensive risk coverage for online retailers. OZON is an all-in-one cybersecurity solution that detects vulnerabilities, frauds and malwares, and prevents your shop from being reached by hackers: