by | 6 Jan 2016

40% of hacked websites are SMBs

Attackers target companies of all sizes, no matter how obscure you think you may be, you should expect to be eventually attacked. Big companies invest lots of money and staff to fight against cyberattacks. Even then, breaches still occur far too often. Small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) face a tough challenge. Your security budget is tiny by comparison. Because you must do more with less, it is crucial to be smart about your defensive choice.

SMBs believe to be immune to cyberattacks

Most small entrepreneurs think that their businesses are immune to cyber attacks due to false belief that cyber criminals only attack corporative and government websites. Annual research conducted by Symantec, for their 2015 Internet Security Threat Report determined that more than 40% of businesses that became victims of cyber attacks have 500 or less employees.

These attacks create huge losses, and close thousands of small businesses every year. Small companies are much less likely to stand back on their feet and become competitive again after a disastrous data breach. Same research done by Symantec also determined that more than 60% of attacked websites had to be permanently closed afterwards.

SMBs must do more security with less

When your security team and budget is small, you will not be able to do everything told by the experts. Think of your challenge as fighting a guerrilla war. As a guerrilla warrior, you can be highly effective with security controls that give you quick wins. Always seek quick wins for your efforts.

Here are four things you can do right away to shut down a huge percentage of potential attacks:

Detect vulnerabilies: continuously assess the risk level of your website and automatically generate appropriate security policies.

Protection against cyber attacks: block attacks in real-time before they reach your eCommerce site.

Fraud prevention: each commercial transaction is valued in real time to calculate the level of risk.

24/7 Monitoring: a team of experts constantly monitors the emergence of new vulnerabilities and attacks to better protect your website.

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