by | 4 Nov 2015

France in 3rd place for malicious websites

According to a new report by G DATA Security Labs on over 3 million new strains of malware, the exploitation of software security holes by so-called exploits is the most popular method nowadays for cyber criminals to infect computers with malware. Today, malware is principally distributed via eCommerce websites that have been manipulated by cyber criminals and generally remain unaware. And to not arrange the things, France is now the 3rd attractive target for cyber-criminals.

Malware statistics and website analysis

The first half of 2015 saw 3,045,722 new strains of malware. This is a growth of slightly more than a quarter (26.6%) below the record of the second half of 2014. But it is about two thirds (+64,8%) higher than the number of the same period last year. On average this is 12 new malware strains per minute. We expect that the number of new malware strains will be well above the level of 2014:

number of new malware types

Recent half-years in this investigation have held relatively few surprises – the attackers have seemingly focused on the exploitation of eCommerce websites. The key statistical data shows that the current Top 10 categories cover an 83.1% share of all classified websites. This is an increase of 4.7% compared to the second half of 2014 and, after H2 2012 (88.6%), is the second highest value since the investigation began. The remaining 16.9% cover 63 other subject areas.

The eCommerce category (Travel, Shopping, Commerce…) currently takes 1st place:

Website Analysis

Host countries of evil websites in H1 2015

The following evaluation shows whereabouts in the world the majority of evil websites that have been reported to G DATA SecurityLabs as malicious or fraudulent in the first half of the year are based. The location of the website indicates where the website’s server is :

Host countries of evil websites

Some countries are especially attractive targets for cyber criminals, as both the infrastructure and the cost of web space are very favorable there. Also the national laws relating to cybercrime and associated matters are of importance to the criminals and their choice. 43.3% of all evil websites are located on servers in the USA. This value is at almost the same level as in the previous half-year. China has become more attractive as a host country and is now in 2nd place, with 9.5%. France on the other hand has dropped to 3rd place (8.2%). Overall there has been as little change in the top placings as there has in the conditions specified above.

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