by | 9 Mar 2016

eCommerce: Secure your customer purchases

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges an online retailer will face, and overcoming it is largely a question of improving the online shopping experience. Internet shoppers ultimately seek maximum convenience and utmost security, so ensuring your ecommerce site ticks both of these boxes is essential to securing a purchase. Discover in this article some steps you can take to simplify the checkout process and gain the trust of your customers, minimizing the likelihood of last-minute shopping cart desertion.

Demonstrate security on your eCommerce site

Buying products online more often than not requires shoppers to part with sensitive information, be it their personal address or credit card details. If customers are in any doubt about the security of your website, chances are they’ll decide against going through with that purchase. Applying for security certificates and displaying badges, especially throughout the checkout process, is a clear way of telling users that you take security seriously and that their data is in safe hands. Safety conscious shoppers will also be on the lookout for the tell-tale “https” and padlock symbol in the browser, indicating the necessary SSL authentication which ensures secure communication with your server. Find out more about customer confidence in this article.

Assess your eCommerce site regularly

To help you to protect and evaluate the risk level of your eCommerce site, there is an easy and efficient cybersecurity tool. Evaluate the risk level of your eCommerce site for free with OZON. OZON is a cybersecurity solution that enables the detection of vulnerabilities and malware used in sophisticated cyber-attacks and fraud attemps. I check my check my eCommerce website security now before to be a victim of a cyberattack.

Add a personal touch to your eCommerce site

Security is as much about gut feeling as it is about technical barriers. It is therefore extremely beneficial to make your site less anonymous and more personal, showing users that there are indeed people – not just a machine – behind your online shop. Simple touches, such as an “About us” page with genuine photos, go a long way in putting customers at ease, as do a contact number and a physical address. Shoppers will be happier to buy from your site confident in the knowledge that they can contact you should anything go wrong.

Accept more payment options

Did you know that 25% of people abandon their shopping carts because their preferred payment option was not available? With Cash on Delivery, PayPal, debit payments like eNets and Master Pass and easy-to-integrate payment acceptance APIs such as helloPay and Paymill, there is no excuse in offering a diverse range of payment options to your potential customers. Back in the day, only large e-commerce sites had the advantage of having multiple and secure payment portals. Today, even small businesses can offer diversity in their payment methods.

Keep your checkout process simple

Finally, in addition to security and ease of payment, it is essential to make the checkout process as simple as possible.  More than 10% of your customers are abandoning their purchase because the check-out process is too long or complicated. This shouldn’t be too complicated to change for you. Consider that your shoppers are used to buying online so they are not expressing unrealistic expectations like not having to pay. An effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to give users the option of making a purchase without creating an account, as this greatly minimizes the number of hurdles between product selection and payment.