by | 9 May 2016

Discover the new OZON: your eCommerce Cybersecurity Solution

After months of hard work and technical expertise on the beta version, we are proud to announce the commercial release of our innovative cybersecurity solution dedicated to eCommerce SMBs. An all-in-one solution to protect your site against hackers and fraudsters:

Pricing based on page views

OZON’s pricing is based on the monthly volume of Page Views (PV) generated by your site. A Page View is a request to load a web page (or HTML file) from your site. OZON’s way to calculate PV differ from Google Analytics because this service is designed to optimize ad-campaign and thus do not count malicious traffic generated by many cyber-threats (hackers, botnets, crawling,…).

Simplified registration in 3 easy steps   

To activate OZON SaaS solution, you just have to follow a fast and straight 3 steps process : create your account, choose your plan and register your site. At the end of this process, we will provide you with simple instructions to change your DNS records. This operation can either be processed by the OZON team or either by your hosting provider in accordance with our instructions.

Free SSL/TLS certificate for your website

We have noticed that many websites of our customers are not HTTPS ready. However, HTTPS security is a minimum standard security for every website owner since more than 20 years now. It is important to use HTTPS security to guarantee the identity of your site, encrypt the data in transit on the Internet and ensure consumer confidence.

To implement HTTPS security, you have to set up your site with a digital SSL/TLS certificate. This operation can be complex and expensive. As HTTPS security must not be an unaffordable luxury, we have decided to automatically deliver a free SSL/TLS certificate for every site you are securing with OZON. In a matter of minutes, with no technical or administrative constraints, your website will benefit from a state of the art HTTPS security that we always maintain with a high level of security over time.

Magento and PrestaShop anti-fraud modules

OZON’s modules for Magento and PrestaShop platforms detect fraudrulent transactions in real-time and in a transparent manner thanks to a next generation scoring technology. Our technology for fraud detection has no impacts on sales process or customer experience.

Once you have installed and configurated the OZON module, all incoming orders from your eCommerce site are automatically evualuated with a transaction scoring displayed in your back-office. A high score stands for a high fraud risk level. OZON’s scoring method is complementary to your payment service provider (PSP).

Installation support by the OZON team

The implementation of the OZON SaaS solution requires no changes to your eCommerce site or integration of additional software or hardware components. Just create an account on our portal, follow our configuration instructions and the OZON solution will be enabled in a matter of minutes without any site downtime.

However, if problems are encountered during the installation process, OZON has a service offer to perform this step on your behalf. For more information on this service or on OZON, please contact us at this email address:

Interested in becoming a partner? 

Our partners are eCommerce integrators, web agencies, hosting and payment service providers. Our partner plan allows you to:

  • Offer your customers an innovative cybersecurity solution: at the lowest price and with a level of security reserved until now only to large companies.
  • Benefit from the SaaS model: with a full protection without any deployment stress, enabled in minutes and without commitment.
  • Increase your revenues effortlessly: you will have a partner account that centralizes your customer subscriptions. We issue a monthly statement that you use to send out your invoice.

Among the new features, we can also mention:

  • Performance improvement on your website (by +20% at least),
  • Scoring method to assess your website risk level,
  • Improved web attacks detection with terminal identity, geolocation, IP address, email ,…
  • Consistency checks with user behavior, order content…

You always have the opportunity to try our solution for free during 30 days!

With the new OZON, be protected from hackers and fraudsters has never been so easier and costless.