by | 23 May 2016

Discover OZON’s Magento anti-fraud module

Regardless their turnover, OZON enables every eCommerce and mCommerce to detect sophisticated fraud and fraudulent transactions.

With OZON’s module designed for Magento platforms, each order is analysed in depth and in real-time by different intelligent filtering modules. With our next generation anti-fraud technology, combining machine learning and big data, you will be able to identify new fraud techniques. This has no impact on the performance, customer experience or availability of your site.


What are the features of the OZON Magento module?

Without impacting the sales process (asynchronous mode), OZON’s anti-fraud module allows you to automatically transfer the content of an order to our API to evaluate each business transaction risk level. In less than 150ms, the business transaction risk level is evaluated and sent back to your back office.

OZON’s anti-fraud engine evaluates automatically each incoming orders regarding technical  controls (terminal identity, geolocation, IP address, email address…) and consistency checks (user behavior, order content…).

This module includes the following features:

  • More than 40 different parameters are used to detect suspicious order,
  • Automation of sophisticated technical controls (geolocation, terminal identity, email address, …) and consistency checks,
  • Scoring of transactions performed from mobile terminals,
  • Within Magento dashboard, a risk score :
    • is associated with each order,
    • specify the suspicious elements of the order,
    • can make a decision on delivery or non-delivery of a product.
  • No payment data used in the calculation of the risk fraud score,
  • No confidential data like customer login, addresses or order content stored in OZON’s platform.

Once you have installed and configurated the OZON module, all incoming orders from your eCommerce site are automatically evualuated with a transaction scoring displayed in your back-office. A high score stands for a high fraud risk level. OZON’s scoring method is complementary to third party verification of payment data.

Why should I choose OZON anti-fraud module ?

Until now, solutions to fight against online fraud (none related to payment) were designed for large eCommerce sites. With its cloud platform, OZON makes expensive and complex technologies accessible to the maximum number of companies.

Today, you can access to our innovative cybersecurity solution for a reasonable price and install it in a few clicks on an eCommerce site using Magento.

Note that the OZON offer is more than a simple anti-fraud module, it is an all-in-one SaaS solution to protect your eCommerce site against hakers and fraudsters. OZON is a cloud platform that integrate several innovative security technologies working in synergy. OZON detects vulnerabilities and malwares, protects against cyber-attacks and identifies fraudulent transactions. All these functions are performed in real time.

Is OZON anti-fraud module for Magento free?

The OZON module is free but it is only available with an OZON paid offer. This operation can be done online from OZON’s website.

With a starting price at 49€/month, any eCommerce sites can be protected from web attacks and online fraud while developing its business and staying competitive. You will be able to seize all available mCommerce and eCommerce opportunities, without limits.

As HTTPS security must not be a luxury, we have decided to automatically deliver a free SSL/TLS certificate for every site you are securing with OZON. In a matter of minutes, with no technical or administrative constraints, your website will benefit from a state of the art HTTPS security that we always maintain with a high level of security over time.

How to integrate OZON anti-fraud module in my site?

OZON module installs in a simple and standard way, exactly like any other Magento module available in the Addons marketplace. Once your account is created and the solution is activated, it takes less than a minute to configure the OZON’s module.

However, if problems are encountered during the installation process, the OZON team can provide you with efficient assistance.

Is it possible to try OZON solution for free?

Yes, of course. OZON is conscious of the real financial challenges that SMBs faces. OZON is free to try during 30 days, to be sure that the solution fits your most specific needs. If you wish to continue your trial beyond the 30 days, you are free to opt for one of the premium OZON offerings, without commitments. What are you waiting for to try it?

You are not using Magento but still want to use OZON?

OZON has already released an anti-fraud module compatible with the eCommerce PrestaShop. The main objective of this module is to integrate directly in your back office the risk level associated to each order.

OZON solution is working on all existing eCommerce platforms, CMS and web servers. For example, we secure eCommerce sites using WordPress/WooCommerce components, MS II/.Net, Apache/PHP, NGINX/PHP,… If the OZON anti-fraud module is not available for your environment, you can set up and connect easily to our anti-fraud API.