by | 6 Oct 2015

Are your part of SMBs targeted by cyberattacks?

While data breaches at large companies make headlines, small businesses are hacked regularly. SMBs merchants tend to be easier and more attractive targets for cyber criminals. Many small firms know little about data security, it is not a matter of if they will get hacked, but when. Discover in this article, 3 steps fitted to eCommerce SMBs that need to protect their business for good!

77% of cyberattacks aim to destroy SMBs

More than 15.000 contacts have answered to the Sellsy survey and the results are significative: 77% of SMBs are targeted by cyberattacks. But there is more to find out ! Still according to the infography, more than 44% of respondents have seen a decrease in their convertion rate, and 60% of them associate this decreasing to a lack of confidence from buyers. We already have mentioned this issue in a previous article: « 2 tips to easily boost your consumer confidence », in which we were underlying impacts of security breaches on consumer confidence.

SMBs have limited resources to fight against cybercriminality

A website is an essential tool to generate leads, develop its brand awareness, and increase its turnover. Yet, the budget for their protection is a pittance and one in two SMEs does not even have a cyber security solution.

An IPSOS study reveals that the security investment to consider is minimal compared to the average costs of an attack which can easily reach several thousand euros. Data value is inscreasing, and hackers are well beware of that! SMEs are aware of the importance of cybersecurity for the sustainability of their business. However, they do not know that there are solutions suited to their profiles.

3 steps to protect your eCommerce SMBs

The issue is simple: how SMBs can protect their eCommerce from cyberattacks? Without having the technical skills or invesments worthy of large companies? Here are three easy and inexpensive steps that SMBs should adopt to protect their online business from hackers:

Update your website and its plugins: updates are often free (above all for CMS), et does not need a high expertise to install it. However, it is one of the most powerful tools for SMBs to protect their online business. You need to get into the habit of updating your website and plugins.

Patch vulnerabilities in your website: More than 90% of the web attacks are targetting old security breaches that software vendors have already fixed, but users don’t take care of. OZON assess your website risks for free and allow you to patch the discovered vulnerabilities. As simple as that!

Use an efficient cybesecurity solution against sophisticated attacks: Forget traditional security systems, asking for complex configurations and skills, with expensive database updates. Ozon is like having your own watch guard & ninja security team. Ozon is the first cloud based security platform for eMerchants to prevent cyber-attacks & fraud. Because security should be for everyone, Ozon takes 5 minutes to set up & requires no tech skills. It’s free to try so what are you waiting for?