by | 5 Aug 2015

A new version of WordPress is available, so then?

Every owner of business site running a WordPress installation have ever seen the message « A new version of WordPress is available, please update now » at the top of their dashboard. Is it really that important to keep your WordPress website up to date? Is it only for security reasons? Discover in this article the four reasons that will change your minds about keeping your WordPress site updated.

Why you should keep your WordPress updated?

There are four main reasons for keeping every aspect of your WordPress site up to date, which are:

1# Enhance security : One of the main reasons is that WordPress is increasingly becoming the target of security attacks is because it’s so popular. A CMS that powers up to a quarter of the internet (more than 16M websites according to will attract the attention of hackers wanting to insert malicious code, take sites down or steal critical data. That’s why keeping your WordPress install and all the plugins you use up-to-date is so important. However, we will explained in the second part of this article why it is not sufficient to protect your online shop.

2# Improve performance : Updates are not only for security. Often they will improve the performance of WordPress, or of a plugin or theme. We can take the example of WordPress 4.1 that included improvements to the performance of the text editor (TinyMCE). In WordPress 4.2 improvements included complex queries to improve the performance. Plugins also get updates to improve performance, to speed up queries and scripts to run more efficiently.

3# Bug fixes : Major releases tend to be very stable and bug-free thanks to the fastidious development cycle and the community of people helping with testing. But sometimes a bug may fall through the cracks, and a minor release will come out to fix it. So, make sure you install updates in case they fix bugs that could be affecting your site.

4# New features : The final argument is that keeping your site up to date gives you access to new features. For example, last releases of WordPress have improved the user experience of the admin screens with some accessibility improvements. Plugins can do this too, which means that keeping things up to date gives you access to the latest cutting-edge technology (read Can we trust in premium themes and plugins).

WordPress & pervasive vulnerabilities

Even if you keep your WordPress intallation, theme and plugins updated, there is always vulnerabilities on your website that fall through the cracks. Keeping your site up to date is a very important issue for security, but not sufficient. You need to assess your site regularly to find vulnerabilities and patch it. You need to prevent successfull attacks from reaching your online shops. That why OZON is providing a 360 cybersecurity solution that is free to try during 30 days: