by | 4 Jul 2016

A major partnership with NewQuest

NewQuest, a famous digital agency, just signed a partnership with OZON, an eCommerce cybersecurity expert. NewQuest has now more that 650 projects to its credit: eCommerce sites, social platforms, webzines, touch screen experiences and fully responsive interfaces. A large number of references proving the agency’s strength and extensive area of expertise.

Who is NewQuest?

NewQuest is a full service digital agency specialized in startups projects, with no less than 70 coworkers permanently active, and more thant 650 successful projects. For 9 years NewQuest has been providing web and digital services to clients all over the world. Taking advantage of offices in 3 different countries, the agency has learned to adapt to different environments and gained a tremendous experience that is used every day to deliver a high quality expertise to its clients.

What are NewQuest’s specific areas of expertise?

NewQuest regularly works in these domains of expertise:

  • Consulting: Global web strategy (AMO/AMOA), multi-channel strategy (cross-commerce), ergonomic, UX/UI, eye-tracking studies, e-Marketing and digital communication.
  • Conception, development & Web design: Project management, web & mobile development, digital creation (interface design, motion design), product photo shoots.
  • Front and back office: PrestaShop-compatible custom development and modules, ERP interfaces, optimization of your eCommerce website.
  • Promotion: Community management, blogging, emailing, viral marketing and e-reputation.
  • Maintenant & evolution: Website maintenance and webmastering, infrastructure, hosting, copywriting, translation and training.

Why a partnership with NewQuest?

NewQuest is a digital agency that use to work with startups, and regularly developping eCommerce sites and online shops. Most small entrepreneurs think that their businesses are immune to cyber attacks due to false belief that cyber criminals only attack large corporative  websites.

Annual research conducted by Symantec, for their 2015 Internet Security Threat Report determined that more than 40% of businesses that became victims of cyber attacks have 500 or less employees. These attacks create huge losses, and close thousands of small businesses every year. Small companies are much less likely to stand back on their feet and become competitive again after a disastrous data breach. Same research done by Symantec also determined that more than 60% of attacked websites had to be permanently closed afterwards.

With this partnership, NewQuest can now provide to their customers, a cybersecurity solution dedicated to eCommerce and small businesses. OZON offers an unparalleled level of protection and reliability to secure online transactions. From researching to buying, ensure the safety of your customers data!