by | 11 Feb 2016

42 million of data stolen from eCommerce sites, what happened?

Battlefy, AllWomensTalk, Safetune and Milq have been hacked, not a real surprise will you tell me… Unfortunately, 42 million emails, account names, and hashed passwords  have been released on the internet in a text file. Discover in this article more information on these hacks, and how to easily prevent your eCommerce site from being hacked with a proven cybersecurity solution.

3 hacks and one common point, which one?

A hacker last week breached the systems of Battlefy, an american startup, and leaked over 89.000 users’ personal information. The owner of the @ciadotgov Twitter account is behind this hack, and asked for Bitcoin donations for his work. The same account is responsible for the hack of website, earlier this year, with more than 138.000 data leaked. The heaviest blow is for Safetune, a VPN company, with no less than 41 million data stolen from the company servers.

Overall, more than 42 million of data has been leaked, and these hacks have in common that data has been published on the Internet. Once the hashs will be decrypted, critical data will sold on black market.  What can you do to avoid such a situation?

Protect your eCommerce site before it’s too late

The movement to cloud-based security-as-a-service can improve user experience, reduce complexity and enhance security. Today’s cloud-based IT security solutions are perfect for SMBs because they’re easy to install, configure and manage, and provide automatic, real-time protection from most threats without getting ruined.

Imagine a cloud based security platform for eMerchants to prevent cyber-attacks & fraud. with no tech skills required or complex configuration. It is now possible with OZON, a 360 cybersecurity solution which is like having your own watch guard and ninja security team. Once a malicious act is attempted, it will prevent the attack from actually reaching your shop. No need to keep your system secure anymore, OZON magic does it transparently for you. Your business is now safe and you can focus on pleasing your customers and increasing your customer confidence.